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The Anatomy of a Rate Card: How TV Advertising Pricing Is Shared with Buyers

Why Sellers Should Have an Automation Strategy for Setting TV Ad Prices in 2021

TV 101: How Linear TV Inventory Is Typically Priced and Sold

Why Pricing Management Is Uniquely Challenging in the TV Industry

3 Predictions for How Linear TV Advertising Will Evolve in 2021

How Networks Should Adapt If the Upfronts Have a Reduced Role

Will Streaming Services Be Forced to Drift to an AVOD Model?

3 Common Mistakes Sellers Make with Addressable TV and How to Course-Correct

3 Common Mistakes Sellers Make with Traditional Linear and How to Fix Them

How to Package Inventory This Fall to Make Up for Lost High-Value Programming

How to Activate Your VOD Library If Premium TV Doesn’t Come Back Soon

Why There’s Reason to Be Optimistic About the 2020 Fall TV Season

Why Sellers Need to Roll Back the Tide of Increasing TV Ad Loads

Why Linear TV Advertising Won’t Be Devoured by CTV Despite the Flight of Viewers to Streaming

3 Focus Areas to Make Your Addressable Linear Ad Business More Profitable

What Are the Risks of Over-Indexing on Addressable TV?

Why Data Science Should Drive Your NBA and NHL Playoff Rates

Why Is the Supply of Addressable Linear TV Inventory So Constrained?

How TV Sellers Should Prepare for the Possibility of No NFL This Year

Video: Is CTV Siphoning Off Dollars from Linear? It’s Complicated. (Part 9 of Learning Series)

Why Advertisers Should Take Notice as Golf Returns to the Fairways

Video: Why the Media Industry Must Shake Its Addiction to ‘Panic Porn’ (Part 8 of Learning Series) 

Why the MLB Will Alienate Fans and Advertisers for Years if Baseball Doesn’t Return in 2020

What Is Addressable TV and Why Are Buyers and Sellers Eager for More?

Video: How TV Sellers Can Maximize Yield by Hedging Their Bets (Part 7 of Learning Series)

Video: Why Demand for Addressable TV Far Outpaces Supply (Part 6 of Learning Series)

Video: How Linear TV Sellers Should Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis (Part 5 of Learning Series)

How Pricing Controls Can Prevent Revenue Leakage

Video: Why the TV Advertising Industry Will Embrace Consolidated Measurement (Part 4 of Learning Series)

Resetting in the Wake of COVID-19: Why Active Inventory Management Is Crucial

Video: Why True Cross-Platform Measurement Is Still Elusive (Part 3 of Learning Series)

How PROPHET Uses Data Science to Drive Portfolio Optimization

Video: Why Ad Loads Continue to Inch Upward (Part 2 of Learning Series)

Video: A Brief History of Broadcast and Cable TV (Part 1 of Learning Series)

3 Tenets of Portfolio Optimization Every TV Seller Should Know

Video: How to Be a Lighthouse for Clients and Teams in Troubled Times

Why Packaging Should Be Treated as a Yield Process, Not a Sales Function

How Portfolio Optimization in Media is Similar to Investing in Securities

How Sellers Can Adapt as Linear TV Becomes More Like Digital

Being a Lighthouse in the Darkness

5 Takeaways to Help TV Sellers Navigate Changing Macro Conditions

Addressable TV: How MVPDs Are Leading the Way Via Linear Insertion

How New TV & Video Distribution and Commercial Models Gave Rise to the Golden Age of Content

How Currencies of Measurement and Sale Are Changing — And Staying the Same

How to Harness Data From Your Streaming Service for Your Ad Business

How Traditional TV Stands to Benefit from Disney+ and Peacock

An Introduction to the Complete Dictionary of TV & Video Advertising Acronyms, Terms and Jargon

Why TV and Video Advertising Are Getting Harder to Sell and to Buy

How a Complicated Supply Chain Leads to an Ad Tax and Other Trends in TV’s Transaction Layer

5 Takeaways for Buyers as Macro Shifts Continue to Disrupt the TV Landscape

More Signal, Less Noise: 4 Predictions of How Media Will Evolve in 2020

3 Best Practices to Manage Vendors and Partners in Your Media Company

The Viewability Challenge: What's in Store for TV?

4 Ways Automation Can Make Your Media Sales Team More Efficient

Understanding the Broadcast Portfolio Monetization Challenge

5 Ways Data Science Can Drive Higher Earnings Per Share (EPS)

Harness Your Data to Stem Revenue Leakage and Cost Inefficiency

How Data Science Improves Earnings per Share for Media Sellers

Death by a Thousand Pivot Tables: The Problem with Excel

Discover the Secret Sauce for TV Forecasting

Breaking Down What Truly Drives Yield

Consolidated Measurement for TV - Learning from the Mistakes of Digital

7 Rules for Superior Video Yield

Building the TV Rate Card of the Future: Part 2

Building the TV Rate Card of the Future: Part 1

The Unduplicated Reach Curve: Urban Myth or Reality?

Cut Through Complexity with Data-Driven Solutions

Addressable TV Opens More Doors Than You Might Think

4 Ways That TV and Digital Can Learn From Each Other

Video: TV is Racing F1 With a Datsun

TV’s Renaissance: Thank You Digital

Video: Legacy TV Sales Systems Need Immediate Progress, Not Disruption

Video: Lack Of Yield Optimization By TV Sellers Carries A Big Cost

Lack of Sales Process Automation is Killing Your Sales Org...

Code Reviews: How to Effectively and Politely Critique Code

Don't Call it a Comeback - Traditional TV Advertising Hasn't Gone Anywhere

Death, Taxes, and Change: Adapting to Digital Transformation

The Promise of Media in 2019


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