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Ehud Trainin, PhD

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Why There’s Reason to Be Optimistic About the 2020 Fall TV Season

Like everything else in 2020, the fall TV season will be an exercise in...
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B2B Call to Action to Transform Pricing Into a Competitive Advantage

Mid-market ($10M to $1B in annual revenue) B2B manufacturers (MMB2B) are...
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3 Predictions for How Linear TV Advertising Will Evolve in 2021

The end of 2020 is near, and so many of us are longing to close this chapter...
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What Is Not Measured or Shared Is Not Managed

Given that capital is often constrained at midsize companies, investment in...
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How to Automate TV Rate Cards and Pricing in 3 Phases

An automation strategy can help reduce price variability and achieve...
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How Google Is Quietly Forcing Digital Sellers to Embrace Traditional Linear TV Paradigms

If you have been following news about the digital ad ecosystem at all, the...
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Video: How TV Sellers Can Maximize Yield by Hedging Their Bets (Part 7 of Learning Series)

This video explores the ways in which portfolio optimization in media is...
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Why Linear TV Advertising Won’t Be Devoured by CTV Despite the Flight of Viewers to Streaming

No matter what data source you consult, the flight of TV viewers from...
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Why B2B Manufacturers Should Have an Automation Strategy for Pricing

Although B2B manufacturers are increasingly using digital technology within...
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Discover the Secret Sauce for TV Forecasting

Image Credit: Wright Studio/ As any media planner will tell...

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Breaking Down What Truly Drives Yield

image credit: one photo/ Now that we’ve established that...

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7 Rules for Superior Video Yield

image credit: G-Stock Studio/ The data is in: time spent...

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