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The Furious Media Blog | Addressable Linear Advertising

What the Current MLB Labor Dispute Means for TV Sellers

It’s like Groundhog Day for Major League Baseball. Almost two years ago, I...

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3 Predictions for How Linear TV Advertising Will Evolve in 2021

The end of 2020 is near, and so many of us are longing to close this chapter...

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3 Common Mistakes Sellers Make with Addressable TV and How to Course-Correct

For more than two decades now, programmers and operators have wanted to emulate...

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3 Common Mistakes Sellers Make with Traditional Linear and How to Fix Them

The enduring appeal of traditional linear TV to national advertisers has lulled...

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3 Focus Areas to Make Your Addressable Linear Ad Business More Profitable

Addressable CPMs can be 10 to 20 times higher than a seller’s effective CPM...

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What Are the Risks of Over-Indexing on Addressable TV?

Given the limited supply of addressable inventory and the high value to...

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Why Is the Supply of Addressable Linear TV Inventory So Constrained?

Brands and media buyers want their TV ads to reach specific consumers (think...

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What Is Addressable TV and Why Are Buyers and Sellers Eager for More?

To put it simply, addressable TV advertising makes it possible to deliver...

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Video: Why Demand for Addressable TV Far Outpaces Supply (Part 6 of Learning Series)

This video unpacks why buyers are hungry for addressable, why supply is so...

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Addressable TV: How MVPDs Are Leading the Way Via Linear Insertion

Though advertisers still tend to view TV as a medium for mass reach,...

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