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The Furious Media Blog | Advertising Pricing & Planning

2022 Looking Ahead - I BELIEVE

It's that time of year again where I come onto the internet and use gifs to...

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How to Automate TV Rate Cards and Pricing in 3 Phases

An automation strategy can help reduce price variability and achieve...

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The 5 Pricing Processes and Workflows That Should Leverage Automation

For most linear TV sellers, the process for updating rate cards is...

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The Anatomy of a Rate Card: How TV Advertising Pricing Is Shared with Buyers

Used to share pricing with buyers, TV rate cards contain a complete list of ad...

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Why Sellers Should Have an Automation Strategy for Setting TV Ad Prices in 2021

Although linear TV sellers are now able to segment and deliver audiences in...

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TV 101: How Linear TV Inventory Is Typically Priced and Sold

TV has long been viewed as a cost-effective vehicle for delivering reach, which...

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Why Pricing Management Is Uniquely Challenging in the TV Industry

Aside from being calculated in Excel instead of a ledger, the process for...

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How to Package Inventory This Fall to Make Up for Lost High-Value Programming

The marketplace for TV and video advertising is incredibly dynamic right now,...

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How to Activate Your VOD Library If Premium TV Doesn’t Come Back Soon

We continue to live in a weird time with high uncertainty. Although it...

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Why Data Science Should Drive Your NBA and NHL Playoff Rates

As of press time, the NBA and NHL are poised to return for the playoff season,...

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