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The Furious Media Blog | Advertising Pricing & Planning (2)

How Pricing Controls Can Prevent Revenue Leakage

I’d like to begin with a bold statement. If you haven’t redone your rate card...

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Resetting in the Wake of COVID-19: Why Active Inventory Management Is Crucial

The marketplace for buying and selling TV advertising has never looked like...

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Why Packaging Should Be Treated as a Yield Process, Not a Sales Function

As a seller, you presumably have collections of content that you bundle...

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How a Complicated Supply Chain Leads to an Ad Tax and Other Trends in TV’s Transaction Layer

It might surprise you to hear that most linear TV sellers are still driving...

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5 Ways Data Science Can Drive Higher Earnings Per Share (EPS)

image credit: Wright Studio/ In today’s media organizations,...

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Harness Your Data to Stem Revenue Leakage and Cost Inefficiency

image credit: Gorodenkoff/ Our recent white paper, “Spinning...

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Death by a Thousand Pivot Tables: The Problem with Excel

image credit: suphakit73/ Across the finance industry, the...

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Discover the Secret Sauce for TV Forecasting

Image Credit: Wright Studio/ As any media planner will tell...

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Consolidated Measurement for TV - Learning from the Mistakes of Digital

image credit: Proxima Studio/ News of Nielsen being on the...

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Building the TV Rate Card of the Future: Part 2

image credit: chainarong06/shutterstock.comChange your sales processes (i.e.,...

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