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The Furious Media Blog | Advertising Yield Optimization

Video: How TV Sellers Can Maximize Yield by Hedging Their Bets (Part 7 of Learning Series)

This video explores the ways in which portfolio optimization in media is...

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How PROPHET Uses Data Science to Drive Portfolio Optimization

In arecent post, I described how every media seller should be focused on...

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3 Tenets of Portfolio Optimization Every TV Seller Should Know

Similar to investors, sellers of TV advertising should be actively managing...

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Why Packaging Should Be Treated as a Yield Process, Not a Sales Function

As a seller, you presumably have collections of content that you bundle...

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How Portfolio Optimization in Media is Similar to Investing in Securities

At Furious, we focus on helping TV sellers maximize the yield of their...

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How to Harness Data From Your Streaming Service for Your Ad Business

As more premium streaming services hit the market, potentially cannibalizing...

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Understanding the Broadcast Portfolio Monetization Challenge

image credit: mrmohock/ We all know that TV has gotten more...

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5 Ways Data Science Can Drive Higher Earnings Per Share (EPS)

image credit: Wright Studio/ In today’s media organizations,...

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Breaking Down What Truly Drives Yield

image credit: one photo/ Now that we’ve established that...

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7 Rules for Superior Video Yield

image credit: G-Stock Studio/ The data is in: time spent with...

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