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The Furious Media Blog | TV Advertising Sales

What the Current MLB Labor Dispute Means for TV Sellers

It’s like Groundhog Day for Major League Baseball. Almost two years ago, I...

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How Google Is Quietly Forcing Digital Sellers to Embrace Traditional Linear TV Paradigms

If you have been following news about the digital ad ecosystem at all, the fact...

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The Anatomy of a Rate Card: How TV Advertising Pricing Is Shared with Buyers

Used to share pricing with buyers, TV rate cards contain a complete list of ad...

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Why Sellers Should Have an Automation Strategy for Setting TV Ad Prices in 2021

Although linear TV sellers are now able to segment and deliver audiences in...

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TV 101: How Linear TV Inventory Is Typically Priced and Sold

TV has long been viewed as a cost-effective vehicle for delivering reach, which...

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How Networks Should Adapt If the Upfronts Have a Reduced Role

When you consider the various ways that COVID has disrupted the TV advertising...

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Will Streaming Services Be Forced to Drift to an AVOD Model?

As we head into winter and the pandemic continues to rage, the next few months...

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Why Sellers Need to Roll Back the Tide of Increasing TV Ad Loads

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Video: Why True Cross-Platform Measurement Is Still Elusive (Part 3 of Learning Series)

The following video provides an overview of currencies of measurement and sale...

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How Currencies of Measurement and Sale Are Changing — And Staying the Same

When you examine how television advertising is bought and sold, it’s striking...

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