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The Furious Media Blog | TV Advertising Trends

2022 Looking Ahead - I BELIEVE

It's that time of year again where I come onto the internet and use gifs to...

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Why There’s Reason to Be Optimistic About the 2020 Fall TV Season

Like everything else in 2020, the fall TV season will be an exercise in...

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Why Linear TV Advertising Won’t Be Devoured by CTV Despite the Flight of Viewers to Streaming

No matter what data source you consult, the flight of TV viewers from...

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How TV Sellers Should Prepare for the Possibility of No NFL This Year

When live sports disappeared before our eyes in mid-March, many of us in the...

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Video: Is CTV Siphoning Off Dollars from Linear? It’s Complicated. (Part 9 of Learning Series)

This video explores the rise of CTV and whether it’s growing at the expense of...

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Why Advertisers Should Take Notice as Golf Returns to the Fairways

Golf returned to tournament action with the Charles Schwab Challenge in Fort...

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Video: Why the Media Industry Must Shake Its Addiction to ‘Panic Porn’ (Part 8 of Learning Series) 

This video exploreshow “panic porn” came to dominate theTVairwaves and why...

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Why the MLB Will Alienate Fans and Advertisers for Years if Baseball Doesn’t Return in 2020

With the pandemic continuing to ravage the world and sports leagues struggling...

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Video: How Linear TV Sellers Should Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis (Part 5 of Learning Series)

This video unpacks how sellers of linear TV advertising should adapt their...

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Video: Why the TV Advertising Industry Will Embrace Consolidated Measurement (Part 4 of Learning Series)

The following video provides an overview of traditional TV systems and...

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